services we offer

Republic Linear Shafting provides all of the products listed on the products page of this site by quote.  This will minimize the time from order to final receipt of the product.  Republic Linear Shafting also encourages you to send your prints specifying the dimensions you require, and performs the required machining and coatings called for in your specifications.


Republic Linear Shafting will machine any of the products offered here to your specifications.  Please provide an accurate print with your quote form so we may accurately define your final costs.


Plating and coating

Chrome Plating, DyClad, Dry-co Tuff, Electroless Nickel, Teflon Nickel, Dycote-C, and black Oxide are available.


Republic Linear Shafting will chamfer both ends to approximately 1/16 x 45 degrees.  Shafts larger than 3" in diameter will be broken only unless chamfering is requested.  Pieces smaller than 3" long will have no chamfering unless specifically requested.

additional services

If you don't see a service listed here that you need, please ask, we might still be able to help!